I recommend saving any images you want and uploading them to your own site because I might rearrange things and break links

Save every image on a page really fast:
Firefox: right click (not on an image or text), "Save Page As..." save as "Web page, complete." It will save a .html file you can delete plus a folder with all the images that were on the page.
Chrome: right click, "Save As..." save as "Webpage, Complete." It will also save .css and .js files in the folder and you can delete those too

kao repository

kaoani (顔アニ, kao 顔 meaning face and ani アニ short for animated)! you might have also seen them called puffs, mochi, blobs, bouncies, etc.

warning: this page has over 1000 gifs and might load slow (authentic 2000s internet experience)